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Milestone: Natural News Article on Ian Jacklin – True Honor!


This honor is up there with winning my Canadian title belt.  To be recognized by one of my inspirations, Mike Adams and the one and only NaturalNews.com is truly amazing.   Read article here:

Kickboxer and actor Ian Jacklin dedicates life to helping others, directs eye-opening documentary on curing cancer

Since I’m mainly writing to friends and family or at least people that know who I am I just wanted to say thanks for being there in the beginning.  Y’all kept me going.  Y’all made me realize I was right and our leaders were indeed wrong.  Horribly wrong.  So wrong some day they will look back at these days as the return of Medieval times via medicine.  The barbaric treatment of my fellow man destroys me.  I hate it when I stub a toe...

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