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Survive and Live Well W4CS 4/02/2013 – Ian Jacklin II –The Film that Cures Fear About Cancer w / Elyn Jacobs.

Radio broadcast.

Read More (part I) – Directors Cut now available. And latest news. (part I) – Directors Cut now available. And latest news. Cancer is curable folks. Don’t kid yourself or fall for Western medicines Big Pharma lies!

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London Downtown Library Screening Dec. 27th @ 7PM. Merry Christmas!

A self-healers network.

Merry Christmas everyone!  My trip is finally winding down.  The Toronto show got cancelled due to being too close to Christmas but we are doing London’s show as planned and shown below.

One more screening down town -Central Public Library Stevenson & Hunt Rooms from 7PM – 9PM on Dec. 27th. in London, Ontario: Seating is limited. To reserve tickets please send an e-mail with full name and number of tickets requested to icurecance .

In case you missed it.

Day Time London TV Show:

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