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Ian Jacklin is documentary filmmaker, actor and kickboxing champion. With three films produced and one world kickboxing title shot under his black belt, he’s a warrior who persists until the fight is won or the project is done. Jacklin, 44, is a graduate of the highly acclaimed method acting school, Joanne Baron Studio via Bill Esper Via Sandy Meinsner. His 10-year acting career in Hollywood included starring roles in Death Match and Expert Weapon as well as lead roles in several other action movies. His television credits include appearances on Days of Our Lives and the sitcom Just Shoot Me among many others.

His acting years coincided with his 10-year professional fighting career. In 1990, he was chosen to be the light heavyweight in the camp of heavyweight boxing champ Lennox Lewis. A black belt in Kenpo karate, Jacklin went on to become the International Sport Karate Association’s and the World Kickboxing and Karate Association’s North American champion. He was ranked number two in the world by WKA in 1992.

During the last 10 years, his focus has been producing documentaries and music videos as owner of Co-dependent Pictures, Inc. His first film is a documentary about New York City’s Winter Music Festival. The second film, titled Small Town Bands, is on struggling musicians trying to make it out of their “one horse town.” Jacklin’s current film, icurecancer.com which won an award at “The Magic Lantern International Movie Festival” is about people who cured themselves of cancer after their doctors were unable to help them. Due to respect this warranted… part II is in the works.

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  • hergie409  says:

    You seem in the know about alternative cancer treatments. What is your opinion on DCA?

    • Ian Ian  says:

      I hear it works just don’t know anyone that has gotten any to try? I do know Cannabis Hemp Oil is really working well as is Frankincense Oil. And a slew of other things not known by the typical oncologist due to being taught wrong.


    I got a text on Thanksgiving from my friend Nathan in WI that you’ll be coming to the Beloit area in 2 weeks. I’m currently taking classes (including Nutrition) at Heartland Community College in Normal IL (2.5 hours south of Beloit). Normal IL is also home to Illinois State University (ISU) and Wesleyan University.

    It’d be great if you could show your film to teachers and students here during the last week of this semester 12/3-8. I’ve already asked the proper authorities if our auditorium will be available during any of those days, and will get an answer tomorrow. Will you be available to come here during that week to show your film?

    I am a stage 4 cancer survivor since 1998 without chemo or radiation. I had surgery to remove the cancer, then started eating the right foods and taking anti-oxidants.

    If you can make a stop here; please contact me as soon as possible (via email or facebook); so I can solidify plans for the showing and your arrival!

    Thank you;
    Christelle Lynn

    • Ian Ian  says:

      Wow that would be great Christelle! I will be arriving Dec. 5th at 5pm in Chicago. So probably no time to make it that night unless y’all started with out me and I came for Q & A after. Nathan is screening it Thurs. the 6th and that leaves Fri. the 7th which would be perfect. I fly out next day. If you can help arrange it that would be awesome. Also I’m making this trip on no money. Nathan said I could probably crash on his couch etc… but fyi I’m doing these screening to try and fund my trip. I’ve paid for all flights through out december but not lodging or food and will not have rent for when I return in Jan. Hoping we can charge $8 for tickets to go to funding my trip and selling dvd’s etc… Is that okay?

      • CHRISTELLE LYNN  says:

        I understand the “no money” part of travelling, and will see what I can do to feed and get you a place to sleep (if needed). I don’t have a couch at my apartment; so will work on other accomidations. Are you renting a vehicle, or will you need a ride to/from somewhere?

        I will have an answer from college administration tomorrow if the auditorium is available; so will get back with you tomorrow afternoon. I will also ask about the $8/seat charge. I think Friday Dec 7th would probably be best; but let’s wait and see what Admin says.

        If it works out; I’ll post on my facebook and other groups I’m involved with, as well as teachers and classmates….

        I’ll get back with you tomorrow afternoon;

        • Ian Ian  says:

          Awesome! No car at this point.

        • Ian Ian  says:

          Christelle Lynn how are you doing?

  • Chanthavy Soeur  says:

    I have been diagnosed with lung cancer. Please send me the film. Thank you.

    • Ian Ian  says:

      If you order from here there are some perks now cause of fund raising to finish my part II:

      I’d appreciate it if you could share this! It’s finally here. icurecancer.com part II: Baby Killers (Short) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xojgzdaM4o

      Crammed with vital information everyone must know about when it comes to life and death decisions regarding cancer healing! This video can save your life or someone you know. Info your Oncologist doesn’t even know about!

      If you would like to help us finish this film there are some new perks to doing so:

      $30 donation: A copy of “icurecancer.com part I” and a list of the links for cancer info sites.

      $100 donation: 1 copy of “icurecancer.com” part I & a copy of Part II when finished. Invite to Premier in Los Angeles and after party. (Sorry we can’t pay for travel or accommodations) And list of the links for cancer info sites.

      $1000 donation: Producers credit in the film, 3 copies of icurecancer.com part I and a copy of part II when it’s done and an Invite to Premier in Los Angeles and after party. (Sorry we can’t pay for travel or accommodations) and a list of the links for cancer info sites.

      It’s we the people right? Well I need you now to help get this film out to a global audience. Many lives depend on it.


      The Jackal:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2QaXHsb41I  -  Mini-doc on Ian Jacklin’s fighting, acting and film making career.

    • Ian Ian  says:

      I know a number of people that cured themselves of lung cancer using holistic methods. Watch Dr. Bernarodo and jessica on my site http://www.icurecancer.com for some quick info. Here is where you can order the dvd but if you are broke like me let me know. Just pay what you can. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/233840?a=837822

    • Ian Ian  says:

      Did you get a copy? Just going over these now, sorry. I rarely check this site as always on Facebook.

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