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This honor is up there with winning my Canadian title belt.  To be recognized by one of my inspirations, Mike Adams and the one and only is truly amazing.   Read article here:

Kickboxer and actor Ian Jacklin dedicates life to helping others, directs eye-opening documentary on curing cancer

Since I’m mainly writing to friends and family or at least people that know who I am I just wanted to say thanks for being there in the beginning.  Y’all kept me going.  Y’all made me realize I was right and our leaders were indeed wrong.  Horribly wrong.  So wrong some day they will look back at these days as the return of Medieval times via medicine.  The barbaric treatment of my fellow man destroys me.  I hate it when I stub a toe.  I can’t imagine being tricked into taking Chemotherapy which does not work but makes you miserable and kills you before the cancer does.  If it did work on some?  It was placebo.  Which if it were me I would have swapped out the chemicals for cannabis hemp oil, an alkaline diet, detox, immune boost and called it a day.  Just like I did recently when I discovered I had major peeing issues.  As in get out of my way if I got to go cause I got to go.  My pH had been 5 which means cancer.  4.5 you die.  I got it back up to 7.4 with this blend fast;  YouTube Preview Image

alkaline diet, detox, exercise and meditation.  To think if I didn’t know what I know I would have gone to the oncologist and that douche bag would have said chemo, radiation and surgery.  Which would mean I couldn’t have sex anymore and in my mid 40′s that is unacceptable.  I haven’t even had my kids yet!  Also I’d have to wear a diaper.  I haven’t’ even found a wife yet?!  Imagine trying to find one not on your A – Game?  Don’t think so.  I’m going to marry Angelina Jolie.  Well the newest version.  lol.  The new one smart enough to not cut her breasts off in case she gets cancer.  See I don’t just want beauty.  I want sick brains too.  ;)   Anyway back to our scumbag leaders.  Because they let Rockefeller take over our medical system in early 20′s and buried the works of true geniuses like Otto Warburg and Royal Rife today our system is set up to drain your money from birth (vaccines set you up as a life long customer) and hospitals/doctors kill you as soon as they can.  Apparently old people are worthless to these Illuminati scum.  Guess they never realized wisdom is priceless.

Many of you may not yet know what the Illuminati are.  They are the 1%.  The banksters, Mason’s, Bilderberg Group, what ever.  Rich assholes that have been in charge since day one.  Well thanks to the internet we have caught on to the little man behind the curtain.  Many of us anyway.  And you will too if you haven’t already.  Most know 911 was an inside job and the ones that don’t should have done some research.  You would have found out who runs the world for real.  Since most of you are really only in to health I will refrain for getting deep into this subject.  But you want to know why your doctor only knows to give you chemo which is from mustard gas?  Same culprits.  The 1%  But don’t worry about it I figured out how to get rid of them.  STOP BUYING THEIR SHIT!  Only buy organic and all non-organic goes out of business.  And don’t tell me you can’t afford it.  Farmers markets are cheap and so is Trader Joes.  Don’t go to their doctors, go to holistic ones.  They will at least try to cure you with time tested medicine from God.  Vote in people that have consciences.  The ones that screw up?  Get  a video camera and put it in their face and put it on youtube.  We don’t need the press anymore.  It is owned by the Zionist’s anyway so you get nothing but lies.  See I want all oncologist’s kids to hear from other kids because their parent is a murderer.  This is what my film Baby Killers will show.  Sounds harsh I know but maybe you didn’t catch me earlier.  Chemo does not work and if it did it was placebo.  So go natural.  Up’s your chances immensely.   But don’t take my word for it if you are new.  Just know I’ve been interviewing people for 17 years on how they cured their cancers.   They all said no to Western Medicine and did holistic.  They all got their pH from 5 to 7.4 and in odd blood cancer cases their pH was too high and had to bring down with some acidic foods.  Point is balance your pH to 7.4 and cancer not only can’t live but dies.  It calcifies and never comes back if you keep your lifestyle changes, changed.

Thanks to shooting iCureCancer 2,  I know many good cannabis oil makers in different states so if you need any and don’t trust your sources let me know.  There are so many legal dispensaries around now even if you are in an illegal state family members can help you out or what ever it takes.  Screw the Illuminati and their rules.  God gave us weed for a reason.  It’s the #1 anti-depressant and now turns out it cures cancer, seizures, diabetes and a ton of other stuff.  Another human race sin they did to us.  Banning marijuana.  Again if you don’t know this you need to start reading more.  Randolph Hearst and Dupont owned the paper companies and were going to lose some business to the Hemp farmers because they could have a new crop every 13 weeks instead of the 100 years it takes to make a tree.  And hemp makes way better paper and clothing not to mention it could be used as food or to build an actual car and run that car on hemp fuel.  I can only hope you are hearing all this for the first time.  It will give me hope that now you know you will start helping change things.  Once you fall in love with yourself you won’t let others hurt you.  Not sure who wrote this but love it!

Twenty Five Ways That Falling In Love With Myself Changed My Life

I learned to protect myself at all costs.
I learned to protect my own life, with my own life.
I learned to compensate for the lack of love in my surroundings.
I learned to teach people how seriously they need to take me.
I learned not to be too hard on myself.
I learned to let go of meaningless relationships.
I learned to recognize insignificant bonds I had with others.
I learned to say NO to others.
I learned to say YES to myself.
I learned to embrace my looks, flaws, errors, and shortcomings.
I learned that I don’t want others to be responsible for my success.
I learned that it is okay to change, or to stay the same, when I see fit.
I learned that a lot of people are living lives of self-hate.
I learned that I have all the necessary tools and gifts within me to succeed.
I learned that nothing comes easy in life.
I learned that blessings are earned, more so than they are deserved.
I learned to laugh.
I learned to live without fear or regret.
I learned to search for like-minded people with similar personalities.
I learned that there is a purpose for which I was born, that I can also define.
I learned to stop being bitter, petty, jealous, mean, or angry.
I learned to share my life, my experiences, my vision, and my passion.
I learned to take breaks when needed.
I learned to take care of my body and brain.
I learned that I always had what it takes to be healthy, and happy.

That being said once you work on that and realize you should be happy and healthy and your leaders should not be getting in the way of life, liberty and love then you can start  being a part of the solution not the problem.  The problem?  Not enough have seen that it’s just one little percent controlling the 99%!  Spread the word so we can start firing people and rehiring.  We must do what Iceland did.  I’m available and will do what I can from here.  I have a trainer who has been helping rehab my hip and kickboxing war torn body.  I was limping for 12 years but now I don’t thanks to this.

I’ve hired a co-writer for “Hemp Boxer” and pretty sure I have one for my book “iCureCancer” as well.  I hope to release the book, the movie and the iCureCancer documentary part 2 – Baby Killers -  by the end of this year or early next.  It’s time.  20 years ago they would have killed me.  Today thanks to being in the age of Aquarius and out of dark ages as of Dec. 21st 2012 all is good.  And my 17 years of Essene Meditation has my vibration just right.  Like MC Hammer says,  “Can’t touch this.”   ;)   Once the cancer message is out to the world I will probably rest.  Then if people still don’t know there is life outside of our planet I’ll probably show you that one too.  Just like cancer baby.  I told you it was curable if you stayed away from your oncologist and I was right.  I am about to show you who runs world and that ET’s are real.  You will see.  ;)   Don’t worry the good ones don’t like our politicians either!  Lol!


Ian Jacklin


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