From Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil To High THC or CBD oil. Cancer Cure? Crohn’s? Seizures & Pain? – 2015 update!

I am updating this today Jan. 31st  2015 in light of my own personal survey on this subject.  First off thank God/Universe for taking the medical marijuana medicine off the Fed’s list!  This is best news since sliced bread!  At any rate… I don’t make or sell oil but I know many that do because I have been interviewing them for my documentary, 2.  In the beginning when Rick Simpson brought it out as a skin cancer cure and good for what ails you?   Well that is 100% true.  From what I’ve seen it’s very good for what ails you.  Crohn’s, diabetes, depression, arthritis, gout, COPD, MS, and other mental disorders… the list goes on.  Skin Cancer near 100% success rate!   Childhood seizures?  Yes!  Working very well!  Hence Dr. Sanjay Gupta getting his own special on CNN not once but twice.  It’s funny cause when I meet a lot of people especially through my oil maker friends many didn’t know to do other stuff other than the oil.   Which thank God I met Ronnie Smith and he introduced me to his tribe.  I was able to bring to them the rest of the formula.  Which is as I’ve always said I would do if I had cancer would be Dr. Bernardo’s Protocol with Cannabis.  But I do Cannabis for my arthritis and as preemptive cancer medicine already.  I’m not saying you should take it for a cancer cure.  But by taking a tiny dose a few times a week my cannabinoid system will always be up and running.  I won’t get diabetes or cancer as easily with an ounce of prevention.    You see an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  And that’s what preemptive medicine is.  Giving an ounce now to save you the pound later.  You will thank yourself.  I’m thanking me.  ;)  This is recent:

Original Posting:

When I first started researching this Cannabis Cancer Cure its street name was just “Hemp Oil” because Rick Simpson (Run From The Cure) re-established to we the people this supposed cure for cancer and most degenerative diseases. And he called it Hemp Oil which caused some confusion due to the Hemp Seed Oil people already using that name for their salad dressings. YouTube Preview Image So just to clarify Hemp Oil is actually Hemp Seed Oil.  Which is good for you because of the omega’s. It does not have thc (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in it and is not “the cannabis cure”.  It is just salad dressing.  Cannabis Hemp Oil is what you want, which has thc and gets you high for cancer. But it’s the high CBD oil with low thc for seizures and pain.
I have taken them both and both work amazing for pain. But the CBD oil does not get you high which is perfect if you must work while healing. CBD (Cannabidiol) goes along with THC like brother and sister in the cannabis plant. It moderates the high by reducing the body’s response to THC, helps make you less anxious, and relaxes the mind as well as the body. CBD is what many people with physical ailments are looking for to reduce anxiety, pain, inflammation, and nausea. CBD also functions as an anti-convulsive and anti-psychotic, and has been shown to be effective against neuropathic pain, which is generally harder to treat than “normal” pain.
So if I had cancer, I would try to get both high THC oil and high CBD Oil.  But best for cancer is THC from what I’ve heard so far. For children with Autism and bad seizures this is the miracle cure CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks about in this amazing film! YouTube Preview Image
I’ve interviewed a number of growers and medicine makers for my upcoming film iCureCancer – 2 so know some basics. You take 1 pound of marijuana and boil down to 2 ounces of the essential oil with Everclear or 195 proof vodka. How to make oil from Brave Makayla’s dad:
YouTube Preview Image

May this medicine help you. Good oil is made with a combination of MJ plants using buds, flower, leaves, & shake to utilize all the different parts of the plant for maximum THC and CBD’s extraction. Good healing oil has an average of 50 – 60% THC and .02 to .77 cbd’s from what I’ve seen around. Some claim 90% thc but word on street is it’s hard to hit 80.  Most oil on the street for cancer is high thc very low cbd cause it’s grown to get you high.

For cancer using THC Oil start with 1/2 rice grain sized blob. This is very important cause it gets you real high, especially if you are not used to it. You go a few days doing that few times a day and work increasing up to 1 gram a day for cancer. For diabetes probably a rice grain or two a few times a week before bed from what we hear. NO ONE HAS EVER OD’d ON MARIJUANA OIL EVER!!! But many take too much the first time and freak out! They end up in ER for panic attacks. The doctors if you are lucky will send you home to read a book. If they want you in their system I’ve heard have put people in mental hospitals cause they went to ER on Cannabis Hemp Oil. So never go to ER! Get control of your breathing and just know that it will go away. Breath deep in your nose out your mouth. It’s okay to just get under covers and ride it out.
It cleanses your pineal gland. It makes you very introspective and helps you figure out what emotional issues are contributing to your dis – ease. Remember… you are an amazing spirit having a physical experience. Do not fear death. The Dead Sea Scrolls talk about re-incarnation. We all have eternal life. You don’t die when you drop the body. Your soul just moves on. So breath deep and get well.  And of course keep your pH above 7!

CBD Tincture for seizures & pain

CBD Tincture









This is a high CBD tincture no thc. So you don’t get high but pain is managed significantly.

So there you have it. The short and sweet of it. I know of 3 families who’s children have been cured of their cancers in spite of the chemo and radiation thanks to the Cannabis Hemp oil along with many supplements and alkaline diet.  Unfortunately with our government we are not allowed to take them off the chemo regardless of being cancer free. It’s standard of care in America to poison our children for 2 full years of chemo even though the oil cured them already. This has got to change!
Over half the States are still not able to utilize this “God’s Gift” and in many where it is supposedly legal… people are still being locked up regardless of following the law. So we have a long way to go folks. For now if you are not in a legal state there are “Angels Anonymous” groups around that will ship discreetly anywhere. If you are in good State then just get your MJ card and start shopping. Street Prices average around $2000 for 2 months supply and $3550 from the legal dispensaries. Unfortunately that’s what they get for smoking sales so they aren’t about to spend an extra 24 hours or more making the medicine and charge less. So if you can buy yourself a pound of weed and make your own. Ronnie Smith is one of the oldest oil makers around and I was lucky enough to catch up with him not too long ago:

Ronnie Smith & Cannabis Short Film by Ian Jacklin: YouTube Preview Image

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    Diabetes treatment in cannabis
    I have been suffering from type 2 Diabetes since the age of 43. At the age of 47 I started using cannabis oil which I got from National Cancer Institute Team through email and since I have received a miraculous improvement to my life. The constant aches and pains and tiredness are no longer and my A1C are extremely satisfactory to my doctor. I have gone from refusing to be put onto insulin, (because of the side effects involved and having seen countless members of my family go through this) to almost leading a normal life without the need to take medication. I have tested and recorded my blood sugar level with just taking my usual medication, just taking cannabis oil and the two combined. I found Cannabis oil by far is the easiest method and most effective medication. My blood sugars fell dangerously low (3.2mmol). Munchies are a short term side effect which subsides after your body adapts from frequent use. Been able to use cannabis oil in this way was a great thing and no doctor has been able to offer me a better alternative.

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  • greg conel  says:

    I was 56 years old when I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in
    2012. During my annual physical, my doctor noticed that my PSA, or
    prostate-specific antigen, score, which can be an indicator of
    prostate cancer, had risen since the previous year. He wanted me to
    see an urologist for some tests—namely, a biopsy—to see if I had any
    signs of prostate cancer. The test came back positive.
    My initial reaction after hearing the diagnosis was one of panic and
    anger. I was mad that this was happening to me. But then I made the
    decision that I had to do something about it.
    I wasn’t sure about continuing treatment with the urologist I’d seen
    near my home outside of Hartford, Connecticut. My hesitation was not
    to do with his medical expertise, but with the feeling he was not
    speaking to me as a whole person. So
    I ended his service as a physician with me.
    During my search for a new doctor, my sister, who works as a nurse,
    told me about cannabis oil, so we decided to give it a try, we order
    it on line through,, and it was
    delivered to us, after using the cannabis oil for a month we went for
    test and found out that the cancer cells we reducing, i just want to
    let the world know that am free from cancer…………………….

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