Just Back From Tijuana Mexico – The New Land Of the Free For True Health & Dental Care You Can Afford!

Back in 2003 when I interviewed “The Voice Of Alternative Medicine” Burton Goldberg for my film iCureCancer.com part one, he explained to me the power of our mouth health.  That many people who had cancer found it disappeared the moment they got the silver, amalgam filling’s removed.  That each tooth is on an acupuncture meridian which attaches to our organs etc…  A few years later I was blessed to meet Alessandro Porcella founder of American Bio-dental Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.  http://www.americanbiodental.com  I interviewed him for iCureCancer.com part II which is still being put together as we speak and got all the bottom lines for mouth health and cancer.  One of his patients noted that she had diarrhea for years but when she got a bad tooth pulled from her mouth it went away immediately which added to what Burton told me.  That tooth was on her digestive meridian btw.   But the key point to make here is what they refill your cavity with.  Being a bio-dentist clinic, Alessandro’s highly skilled dentist’s do blood/urine/bio-feed back, tests  to find out what compound your body would take to best and use that.  They also damn your throat to make sure no scraps get swallowed, give you high dose Vitamin C intravenously and put you on oxygen.  Very important to know that you are better off leaving the amalgam fillings in your mouth if you don’t have a bio-dentist that uses the “Hal Huggins” protocol to remove them.

(Many people have been told their health problems are all in their head because their symptoms or diseases have no medically known cause or treatment. Dr. Huggins discovered that dental toxicity due to mercury in amalgam fillings is the cause of many of these unexplained diseases and symptoms. Other standard dental practices, such as root canals, have also been shown to contribute to many health issues for which the medical community has no explanation.)

I’ve learned Mercury is way to toxic to be messing about with period unless extracted properly.  And FYI the price in Mexico is 1/3 what you would pay in the US due to the economies differences.  And American Bio-dental takes Delta and other US insurances as well.  So it’s a no brainer.  I go to Mexico for my dental work now.  Here is a video I made for them explaining:

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This time I went back for some more work and found out Alessandro is expanding his clinic to add even more amazing services:  Alternative Cancer, Beauty, Drug & alcohol and detox, treatments.  This is exciting news since in Mexico the FDA and AMA can’t mess with them!  Unlike in America where if you are an Oncologist and treat cancer any way other than with Chemo, Radiation and Surgery you won’t be arrested!  I interviewed the 3 M.D.’s who have joined forces to offer what I see as a clinic like all others should emulate.  For the cancer part they although can and will use low dose IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) and a safer form of radiation than what U.S. uses called Cobalt on occasion but their standard protocol is all holistic!  The way it should be.  They get you on an alkaline diet, use laetrile, high dose vitamin C, DMSO, enzymes, etc…  If it’s a fast growing cancer and there are no other options they will use conventional.  But they change the order!  In USA they Cut, Poison, Burn in that order.  At this clinic they do it correctly unlike their American counter parts.  Dr. Gustavo Andrade MD explained this to me and that one of the main reasons Western medicine fails in treating cancer is they don’t treat the patient as a whole person.  They treat their disease symptoms and if it calls for a cup you get a cup regardless of it killing you or not.  At this clinic if you had a tumor in your breast for example they would first give you a low dose of least toxic chemo for your system so when they cut the tumor out any rouge cells that can and will escape gets taken care of by that chemo.  They also do a low dose cobalt radiation circle around the tumor which will also catch the cancer cells escaping in to the blood stream.   And most importantly they use chelation to detox what toxins your body did get from these synthetic forms of treatment.  And of course boost your immune system before and after.

While I was there I interviewed a breast cancer patient who was there to detox from the Chemo she gets in the states.  I must say I was very surprised that this lady knowing as much as she and her daughters did about holistic healing would do the chemo at all?  She explained she was sort of rushed in to it with out getting a chance to think about it.  When her daughters who know all about eating raw and pH levels found this they sent her to this clinic for the additional treatments which worked so well she has kept doing both protocols.  I asked Dr. Goustavo why he didn’t tell her to just drop the chemo and he blatantly said “If it ain’t broke… don’t try to fix it”.  As in she may be one of the three percent that chemo actually works for and the tumor was shrinking so had no problem with her continuing it.  They just helped her detox and boost immune system in between the treatments.  So this is great news.

The drug and alcohol rehab part is interesting as well.  They again will use drugs like Librium for a hard core alcoholics to keep them from dying of the DT’s (withdrawal shakes and seizures) if need be.  But then use natural chelation to detox their livers and rebuild their immune systems.  They also include a psychologist to help with the mental issues that one deals with when it comes to addictions.

The holistic beauty end of it uses the patients own blood platelets instead of Botox for wrinkles.  They have natural vaccines made from the patients own blood as well for depression and other ailments.

Dr. Goustavo is also an expert in Stem Cell treatments for things like Usher’s Syndrome as I show in this interview from a few years ago:

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So all in all this is a place I highly recommend for dental, beauty, addictions and cancer / degenerative diseases which came at the perfect time since the FDA shut down the Camelot Cancer Care center in Oklahoma a month ago.  At least I now have a new place to refer people to.  Oh I must mention as well that one person who has been able to keep open and is offering the “Dr. Kelly” protocol which has a 93% success rate using enzyme / nutritional therapies  in the U.S. is my friend Dr. Nick Gonzalez MD.

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I’m almost afraid to tell people where I’d go these days because the evil Cabal that run our country has their cronies the FDA & FBI arresting as many people as they can that are of the light and offer treatments that actually work.   But Nick has already gone through it with them and so far so good.  Godspeed to him and all that are actually on this planet to help others.  Unlike the ones in charge.  I hope everyone got to “March Against Monsanto” today and please make sure you “March” against them everyday with blogs and sharing of info as I do with you.

Today’s iCureCancer radio show was with my good friend & Cancer Coach – Terry Tillaart.  Amazing truth and  info straight from the streets to you.  http://unboundradio.com/i-cure-cancer-2323/  (had technical difficulty so first 6 1/2 minutes is blank but rest is fine)


Ian Jacklin

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