Camelot Cancer Care Raided By Nazi FDA/FBI & Closed For Curing Cancer Too Well!

Word around my campfire was Camelot Cancer Care in Oklahoma was curing 75% of their patients of all kinds of cancer’s.  As an insider I’d say that’s a very modest number.  If everyone went to them before being poisoned with chemo, radiation and cancer spreading surgery it would be much higher.  Which the AMA/FDA didn’t like so they got their Nazi’s – the FBI to raid it, rough up it’s staff and jail one of them.  My good friend Michael McDonnough who is one of the lab guys there was knocked off balance by one of the female FBI agents with a double deak as we call it in Hockey.  He had to raise his hands to make sure he didn’t knock in to her which is all the 6’4″ male agent needed.  Michael is a bad dude.  Black belt in more than one art and was a bouncer for many years.  Unfortunately when there is a dozen heavily armed Nazi’s there to take you out not much one can do but be taken down and well… get beat up.  They charged him of course even though it was the agent that started it but the jail refused to take him till he went to a hospital first.  After they fixed him up he spent the next 3 days in jail.  And that although physically painful was nothing compared to what they are doing to Maureen Long the owner of the clinic that has cured hundreds if not thousands of people of cancer over the years.  They are trying to put her in prison and have destroyed her life as she knew it.  As if being a fairly new widow wasn’t enough to deal with in this life.

Maureen’s husband was cured of cancer years ago using Laetrile which is just one of mother natures natural cures for cancer.  It comes from apricot seeds and is also known as vitamin B-17.  It is used at any true cancer clinic who’s goal is to actually help people.  And of course the scum FDA doesn’t want anything that works allowed in America.  Obviously.  They are allowing Monsanto to mess with God’s seeds and give us genetically modified foods.  But won’t allow this or cannabis hemp oil which is also curing cancer and everything else better than anything I’ve ever seen in 15 years of research.  After helping many friends and acquaintances Maureen and her husband started Camelot Cancer Care to help even more people.  When the Luciferian FDA got wind of this they froze her bank accounts before raiding them which she found out when trying to bail Michael out.  She is also unable to refund patients money for treatments already paid for nor afford legal representation for herself against one of the best funded legal teams the FDA has on the pay roll.  Go to to donate please.

Sam Bass was there for the raid as his wife was getting great results from the treatments at Camelot.  The FBI literally punched the bag of medicine he was taking home for his wife out of Sam’s hand.  Held them for a couple hours and sent them home with out the life saving supplements.  I interviewed him on my radio show recently:  starts at 6m 50 secs.

A few years ago humanitarian Kurt Donsbach had his Mexican Clinic shut down and spent a year in jail for doing the same thing.  Curing people of cancer.  Yolanda King – Martin Luther King’s daughter was all but murdered by western medicine in the US and taken to his clinic in Mexico as a last ditch effort to save her.  Unfortunately she died only hours after arriving.  No treatment had even started but all the papers said it was the alternative clinic that killed her.  More bullshit.

All I can say is use common sense.  Research like I did and find out that Otto Warburg who won a Nobel Prize in early 20′s for figuring out cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment was right.  Get your pH to 7.2 and cancer dies.  Learn that chemo and radiation may kill cancer cells but doesn’t kill cancer stem cells which are the ones that kill you.  Learn that everything you’ve been taught about your leaders is a lie.  That Obama or any of the other puppets in Washington are not our leaders.  Our leaders, the scum in charge these days is the Elite 1% that run the whole world.  Maybe it will be easier for you to understand how your own oncologist doesn’t know what he’s doing.  That he was taught wrong on purpose by the medical schools that have been run by big pharma since early 1900′s when Rockefeller invested in them.  Or don’t.  It’s your life.  They are thinning the heard.  Don’t be one of the sheep.  Be the independent soul with free will God created.  Eventually we will run the scum out.  Till then keep your guard up.

Never thought when I read 1984 in public school that shit would come true.  At least the bible has a good ending.

Here is some raw footage where I speak about healing from cancer.

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I used to tell people if I got cancer I’d go to Camelot Cancer Care. Alas it’s now gone.   Luckily we still have Mexico where the FDA – FRAUD & DEATH ADMINISTRATION at this moment can’t mess with.  Best one I’ve found so far is here:  Already best bio dentist I knew of now has alternative cancer treatments, holistic drug and alcohol treatments, heavy metal detox, chelation, Ozone who also use low dose IPT chemo and cobalt radiation if absolutely needed.  Which it usually isn’t the MD’s that run it proudly say.  They reminded me their oath is “First do no harm.”  Something western medical doctors must have forgotten about.


My radio show will be on this Sat. with Terry Tillart – Cancer Coach. at 3p Pacific.

Also don’t forget March Against Monsanto 10:30 am in Laguna Beach:

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  • gergneslo gergneslo  says:

    I thought everyone already knew the game plan! Illuminati needs 85% of human population eliminated ASAP. Curing cancer hampers their operations as does any other life saving procedures!

    • gergneslo gergneslo  says:

      Their GMO’s and Chemtrails are doing a pretty decent job of creating cancers so curing them is not part of the agenda. Deadly vaccines are helping their agenda, also. Starvation works good but takes time! If it is killing humans, the Illuminati are probably behind it!

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