GMO Activist Vandana Shiva Visits Venice Beach, CA With Latest On Monsanto’s Plight To Destroy Our Food

A couple weeks ago I woke up and checked my news on the internet as I always do only to find out King Puppet Obama signed the “Monsanto Protection Act” into law.  This hit me like a brick.  I was even more surprised than I was when they said California didn’t have enough voters to mandate GMO labeling.  I live in CA and I know more than half of us know GMO’s are bad.  Which showed me the voting process is fraudulent and re-enforced our president is just a puppet on the strings of the elite 1% that run our world.  I was so angry I didn’t know what to do.  Then I got a call from my buddy and GMO activist Matt Melons telling me Dr. Vandana Shiva was in town and speaking at AXE Restaurant in Venice Beach which is right down the road from me.  I thought this is perfect!  I can go down and ask an expert what to do.  That was if I could find parking in Venice on a Sunday, get in to the place and pray for a seat!  Well it must have been meant to be cause there was a free parking space right out front, one seat left in the front row which was perfect for my camera angle… Boom, lights, camera, action!  I remember thinking how cool things are when you are in zone and on the righteous path.

Dr. Vandana is a Christ Like figure in our day and age.  A very spiritual and intelligent woman dedicated to making India and the world a better place for all.  She gave her near hour long speech:

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And did a Q & A afterwards where “yours truly” asked her opinion on Obama signing in the new rider making Monsanto untouchable by even our courts!  Here it is:

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Now normally my dog is in the “Cancer Fight” against the scum AMA and FDA who we all know are run by Big Pharma.  Well scum Monsanto is from the same batch of the evil Elite that run our world so do what ever I can to support fighting them as well.  Same as I do against chem trails and anything anti-constitutional / pro New World Order.  I mean they after all are our enemy.  It’s not Afghanastan or Iraq.  The true terrorists as many are waking up to now are the Elite 1% rich scum of the world who put corporations profits over the well being of we the people, our animals and mother earth.   Sorry I know I used the word “scum” three times in one paragraph but I am talking about the bad guys and that pretty much sums it up best.

So pleaase if you are not up to par on GMO’s and Monsanto’s plight to take over our food supply please listen to the full length speech Dr. Shiva gives and then share the information.  Go to to join a local group near you and go to the parades and meetings as much as you can.  Tell your grocery stores you want GMO food labeled!  Mom’s against Monsanto are having a nation wide march July 4th.  Also in KC May 25th    So check the web site to see what’s going on in your neighborhood and get invovled!

What most don’t understand is once GMO’s are planted the bee’s who pollinate the flowers spread these mutant strains to other fields.  It’s like the “genie in the bottle” effect!  Once it’s out, it’s out!  We must stop this from happening.


If anyone doesn’t know about GMO’s in our food please read this:

Want some more info:

It’s high time we took our world back.  They did it in Iceland.  Instead of bailing out the bankers and letting we the people lose our homes they not only fired the bankers and               politicians but arrested them too.  This is what we need to do or we will remain US Inc. and not the  “Home of the Brave” and “Land of the free” – “America” we once were.



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