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From Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil To High THC or CBD oil. Cancer Cure? Crohn’s? Seizures & Pain? – 2015 update!

I am updating this today Jan. 31st  2015 in light of my own personal survey on this subject.  First off thank God/Universe for taking the medical marijuana medicine off the Fed’s list!  This is best news since sliced bread!  At any rate… I don’t make or sell oil but I know many that do because I have been interviewing them for my documentary, 2.  In the beginning when Rick Simpson brought it out as a skin cancer cure and good for what ails you?   Well that is 100% true.  From what I’ve seen it’s very good for what ails you.  Crohn’s, diabetes, depression, arthritis, gout, COPD, MS, and other mental disorders… the list goes on.  Skin Cancer near 100% success rate!   Childhood seizures?  Yes!  Working very well!  Hence Dr...

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