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Just Back From Tijuana Mexico – The New Land Of the Free For True Health & Dental Care You Can Afford!

Back in 2003 when I interviewed “The Voice Of Alternative Medicine” Burton Goldberg for my film part one, he explained to me the power of our mouth health.  That many people who had cancer found it disappeared the moment they got the silver, amalgam filling’s removed.  That each tooth is on an acupuncture meridian which attaches to our organs etc…  A few years later I was blessed to meet Alessandro Porcella founder of American Bio-dental Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.  I interviewed him for part II which is still being put together as we speak and got all the bottom lines for mouth health and cancer...

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Camelot Cancer Care Raided By Nazi FDA/FBI & Closed For Curing Cancer Too Well!

Word around my campfire was Camelot Cancer Care in Oklahoma was curing 75% of their patients of all kinds of cancer’s.  As an insider I’d say that’s a very modest number.  If everyone went to them before being poisoned with chemo, radiation and cancer spreading surgery it would be much higher.  Which the AMA/FDA didn’t like so they got their Nazi’s – the FBI to raid it, rough up it’s staff and jail one of them.  My good friend Michael McDonnough who is one of the lab guys there was knocked off balance by one of the female FBI agents with a double deak as we call it in Hockey.  He had to raise his hands to make sure he didn’t knock in to her which is all the 6’4″ male agent needed.  Michael is a bad dude.  Black belt in more than one art and was a bouncer for many years...

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