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London Downtown Library Screening Dec. 27th @ 7PM. Merry Christmas!

A self-healers network.

Merry Christmas everyone!  My trip is finally winding down.  The Toronto show got cancelled due to being too close to Christmas but we are doing London’s show as planned and shown below.

One more screening down town -Central Public Library Stevenson & Hunt Rooms from 7PM – 9PM on Dec. 27th. in London, Ontario: Seating is limited. To reserve tickets please send an e-mail with full name and number of tickets requested to icurecance .

In case you missed it.

Day Time London TV Show:

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Update on travels. NYC screening Thurs. 7pm in East Village!

Here is the interview I did on the Robert Scott Bell show.  Robert Scott Bell Radio Show.  I’m on at 50:27.  
Please go to this link for donations and news at my New Campaign:
Here is a mini doc done on me which gives my life so far in a nutshell:  The Jackal: - Mini-doc on Ian Jacklin’s fighting, acting and film making career.
 I’ve been on a NA tour this month starting in OK the going to Chicago, Floyd Virginia, NYC, and will be going to Horseheads, Toronto and finally my home town of London, Ont. Canada...
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Chicago. Watching a little girl being torn up by chemo.

Just back from screening part I in Beloit WI.  Some good folks got some good info tonight.  So that was good.  But my trip is bitter sweet as I am here to interview J Mathews.

J Mathews daughter was diagnosed with bone cancer.  J Mathews did his research and saw that chemo was not only barbaric but unsuccessful in most cases so took his daughter to a clinic in Arizona where she was on an alkaline diet and given a good holistic protocol which included a natural botanical to kill her cancer cells.  This protocol also included high dose vitamin C and a number of other real cancer treatments.  Her pH was up to almost 8 some days but always over 7.2 which means the cancer not only couldn’t live but was dying...

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Ex-fighter-to-present-his-documentary-on-curing-cancer-at-intl-womans-film-festival – New article by BZ Film!

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