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New Fundraiser Campaign To Finish “ Part II – Baby Saviors”

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This critical information NEEDS to be shared with everyone who has or knows someone who has cancer.  At the moment in most states children under 18 must do chemo, radiaton and surgery or the parents will be arrested and child taken away!  This film is following 2 families dealing with this now!  See New Footage!

This film was going to be called “Baby Killers” becasue that is what they are doing but many say it’s too harsh so thinking about calling it “Baby Saviors”.  What do you think?


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This forum is for those who want to learn more about oleander soup, and other oleander extracts, which have been used for centuries to treat diseases and disorders. Today, oleander is reported to be successful against various cancers, including advanced ones, as well as Hepatitis-C, HIV-AIDS, psoriasis and other immune disorders. Included on this site will be information about how oleander soup is made, tips and precautions, as well as experiences others have had with oleander soup. Anyone who has used, or is using, oleander is urged to share their experiences, good or otherwise.

This is a radio show with groups creator Tony Issacs and myself:


Tony has said over the years they have been helping people they have upwards of an 85% success ...

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Exposing The Truth with Ian Jacklin and Magnus Mulliner

YouTube Preview Image Read More goes on the road. Screenings in Chicago, NYC, Upstate NY, Toronto and London, (Ontario Canada) Also new radio interview!

I will be screening Part I – in Dec.  Dates are approximate right now – in the following places:

BELOIT, WI, THUR, Dec. 6, @ 7pm at Bushel and Peck’s store in Downtown Beloit! $8 at the door.

Roanoke Virginia 9th

NYC area:  10th to 14th

Upstate NY (Corning/Ithaca/Elmira) 14th to 18th

Toronto:  19th or 20th

London Ont:  27th

I’m going to be in each of these places to interview people for part II – Baby Killers which will wrap up production finally.  Figure should screen part I while there to educate the people how cancer is curable if you stay  away from your Oncologist!   Then it will be editing time which we still need to raise money for.  So please if you can help out this cause go to to donate...

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Starting my blog to keep you all posted on my endeavors in finishing part II – Baby Killers!

A self-healers network.

First off I’d like to thank everyone, many who were strangers, that donated to this cause so far.  We raised $5823 which has allowed me to book trips to Oklahoma, Chicago, Virginia, Toronto and New York!  Each story or stories from each place will blow your minds on how people have cured their terminal cancers by staying away from their oncologists and using holistic methods...

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