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It’s finally here. part II: Baby Killers (Short)

It’s finally here. part II: Baby Killers (Short)

Crammed with vital information everyone must know about when it comes to life and death decisions regarding cancer healing!  This video can save your life  or someone you know.  Info your Oncologist doesn’t even know about!

If you would like to help us finish this film there are some new perks to doing so:

$30 donation:  A copy of “ part I” and a list of the links for cancer info sites.

$100 donation:  1 copy of “” part I & a copy of Part II when finished.  Invite to Premier in Los Angeles and after party...

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Mini-documentary on Ian Jacklin & your chance to be a part of Part II – Baby Killers in production now!

Mini-documentary on my pro-kickboxing, acting and film making career showing how cancer is curable. The Jackal:

Also I’m looking for donations/investments to finish part II.  I’m almost done but can’t finish it with out some travel.  There are incentive offers like a list of all the cancer research sites I used in making these films, a dvd of part I, tickets to Hollywood screening of Part II, Producer credits etc…  Please share this with all your email and facebook contacts!  This film will save thousands of lives from the misery that chemo, radiation and surgery costs! http://www.indiegogo...

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