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Woman shocks doctors by using superfoods like turmeric to treat cancer – and lives!

(NaturalNews) Maybe you’ve seen those commercials where a doctor is working on a construction crew, then it shows the construction worker in the pharmacy looking for the right medicine, telling you not to do your doctor’s job because you wouldn’t want him doing yours. It’s quite a ridiculous analogy really, insinuating that there’s a similarity in a doctor running a jack hammer, and you taking care of your own body, like that’s someone else’s job. No one else can maintain your body or has to live with the consequences of how you do so, but you. Duh.

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Removing amalgam fillings is a must especially for those suffering from cancer.

There have been countless stories of people that once got the silver / mercury out of their mouths cured their cancers.  Each tooth is connected to an acupunture meridian and effects the corelated organs.  I know two ladies that had constant diarrhea for years till they had the tooth or silver from the tooth removed that was connected to their digestive system.  FYI.  This place is the one I went to, to have all the amalgam out.  They give you a high dose vit. c intervenous as well as damn your throat etc… to ensure safe removal and that your body is prepared for detoxing.  Amazing clinic who will pick you up at the airport or SanDiego border and take you to the office which is in a very nice huge hotel in case you want to spend the night.  I highly recommend it.  YouTube Preview Image

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