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Milestone: Natural News Article on Ian Jacklin – True Honor!


This honor is up there with winning my Canadian title belt.  To be recognized by one of my inspirations, Mike Adams and the one and only is truly amazing.   Read article here:

Kickboxer and actor Ian Jacklin dedicates life to helping others, directs eye-opening documentary on curing cancer

Since I’m mainly writing to friends and family or at least people that know who I am I just wanted to say thanks for being there in the beginning.  Y’all kept me going.  Y’all made me realize I was right and our leaders were indeed wrong.  Horribly wrong.  So wrong some day they will look back at these days as the return of Medieval times via medicine.  The barbaric treatment of my fellow man destroys me.  I hate it when I stub a toe...

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From Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil To High THC or CBD oil. Cancer Cure? Crohn’s? Seizures & Pain? – 2015 update!

I am updating this today Jan. 31st  2015 in light of my own personal survey on this subject.  First off thank God/Universe for taking the medical marijuana medicine off the Fed’s list!  This is best news since sliced bread!  At any rate… I don’t make or sell oil but I know many that do because I have been interviewing them for my documentary, 2.  In the beginning when Rick Simpson brought it out as a skin cancer cure and good for what ails you?   Well that is 100% true.  From what I’ve seen it’s very good for what ails you.  Crohn’s, diabetes, depression, arthritis, gout, COPD, MS, and other mental disorders… the list goes on.  Skin Cancer near 100% success rate!   Childhood seizures?  Yes!  Working very well!  Hence Dr...

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Just Back From Tijuana Mexico – The New Land Of the Free For True Health & Dental Care You Can Afford!

Back in 2003 when I interviewed “The Voice Of Alternative Medicine” Burton Goldberg for my film part one, he explained to me the power of our mouth health.  That many people who had cancer found it disappeared the moment they got the silver, amalgam filling’s removed.  That each tooth is on an acupuncture meridian which attaches to our organs etc…  A few years later I was blessed to meet Alessandro Porcella founder of American Bio-dental Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.  I interviewed him for part II which is still being put together as we speak and got all the bottom lines for mouth health and cancer...

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Camelot Cancer Care Raided By Nazi FDA/FBI & Closed For Curing Cancer Too Well!

Word around my campfire was Camelot Cancer Care in Oklahoma was curing 75% of their patients of all kinds of cancer’s.  As an insider I’d say that’s a very modest number.  If everyone went to them before being poisoned with chemo, radiation and cancer spreading surgery it would be much higher.  Which the AMA/FDA didn’t like so they got their Nazi’s – the FBI to raid it, rough up it’s staff and jail one of them.  My good friend Michael McDonnough who is one of the lab guys there was knocked off balance by one of the female FBI agents with a double deak as we call it in Hockey.  He had to raise his hands to make sure he didn’t knock in to her which is all the 6’4″ male agent needed.  Michael is a bad dude.  Black belt in more than one art and was a bouncer for many years...

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GMO Activist Vandana Shiva Visits Venice Beach, CA With Latest On Monsanto’s Plight To Destroy Our Food

A couple weeks ago I woke up and checked my news on the internet as I always do only to find out King Puppet Obama signed the “Monsanto Protection Act” into law.  This hit me like a brick.  I was even more surprised than I was when they said California didn’t have enough voters to mandate GMO labeling.  I live in CA and I know more than half of us know GMO’s are bad.  Which showed me the voting process is fraudulent and re-enforced our president is just a puppet on the strings of the elite 1% that run our world.  I was so angry I didn’t know what to do.  Then I got a call from my buddy and GMO activist Matt Melons telling me Dr. Vandana Shiva was in town and speaking at AXE Restaurant in Venice Beach which is right down the road from me...

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Alternative cancer survivor – Chris Wark Interviews Ian Jacklin on holistic approachs and cancer truths.

Chris Wark: Here’s a new video interview I did with Ian Jacklin about his film, “” It’s all about people who cured themselves of cancer after their doctors were unable to help them.

Ian is a fearless, passionate, no-holds-barred kind of guy.
Like me, he’s a man on a mission to share life saving information. Needless to say, this was a really fun interview.

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“I Cure Cancer” Ian Jacklin On His Holistic Healing Film

My name is Ian Jacklin and I’m a filmmaker. I am currently trying to finish, “I Cure Cancer Part 2″ (a working title), which is the sequel to the movie, “I Cure Cancer,” which is available at These films show how people are curing their supposedly incurable cancers by using holistic and Alternative Medicine. I’ve been told by many of my peers that I must also start blogging to get this information out immediately, rather than waiting until I have the final cut of the sequel, including going through the distribution process, etc.
So… here is my first blog.

Approximately 14 years ago, I was an actor living in Hollywood, CA, starring in the odd martial arts flick, or doing an episode of, “Just Shoot Me,” or working on the soap opera, “Days Of Our Lives...

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J Mathews Daughter Still Being Poisoned To Death via Chemo. They Want To Amputate Arm Regardless Of No Cancer!

I wrote about this family in Dec.   It broke my heart then and it breaks it now even more.  One morning when I was at their house I awoke to what sounded like someone being burned alive.  The screams still haunt my dreams.  I was about to jump out of bed thinking there must have been a home invasion but then I remember J, telling me this is what they go through every morning and evening when giving her one of her many med’s.  Two times a day!  And three if she can take it!  And then she spends the rest of the day in a nauseous, sickly state from the chemo which isn’t doing anything but torturing and killing her slowly.  All the other children run around the house playing and laughing and she would just curl up in a ball and stare in to nothingness...

Read More (part I) – Directors Cut now available. And latest news. (part I) – Directors Cut now available. And latest news. Cancer is curable folks. Don’t kid yourself or fall for Western medicines Big Pharma lies!

Latest news

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Happy New Year! Here is my trip across country screening part I and getting final interviews for part II.

It’s Jan. 1st 2013 which is real nice to be able to say what with the Mayan Calendar ending and I think the Hopi Indians and someone else all predicting Dec. 21st to be the end of the world in 2012.  Normally I wouldn’t give it a second thought but because my life had finally gotten going the way I had been dreaming of for quite some time a small part of me did the old… “oh great I just got my life going and now the world is going to end?!!” lol.  But it didn’t and thank God cause I honestly believe that now we are in the age of Aquarius our evolution will be expedited.  Word around the campfire is we now will have more power to manifest our wants and dreams.  Our minds are becoming more powerful and thanks to books and movies like “The Celestine Prophecy”, “What The Bleep Do We Know”, “The Secret” and many others as well as the time I spent studying “Essenes Meditation” it’s not that hard for me to believe that our thoughts are energy just like anything from the physical realm.  In other words we can control and manipulate what goes on in the physical world using our mental thoughts...

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