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1st 2 icurecancer shows on ZenLive.TV – Rick Simpson and Cynthia Brooks


Cynthia Brooks is the reason I made and will be on today’s show explaining how she started this movement unwittingly with one littler whisper… “I just found out I cured myself of cancer”.


show w Rick Simpson.

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GMO Activist Vandana Shiva Visits Venice Beach, CA With Latest On Monsanto’s Plight To Destroy Our Food

A couple weeks ago I woke up and checked my news on the internet as I always do only to find out King Puppet Obama signed the “Monsanto Protection Act” into law.  This hit me like a brick.  I was even more surprised than I was when they said California didn’t have enough voters to mandate GMO labeling.  I live in CA and I know more than half of us know GMO’s are bad.  Which showed me the voting process is fraudulent and re-enforced our president is just a puppet on the strings of the elite 1% that run our world.  I was so angry I didn’t know what to do.  Then I got a call from my buddy and GMO activist Matt Melons telling me Dr. Vandana Shiva was in town and speaking at AXE Restaurant in Venice Beach which is right down the road from me...

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Alternative cancer survivor – Chris Wark Interviews Ian Jacklin on holistic approachs and cancer truths.

Chris Wark: Here’s a new video interview I did with Ian Jacklin about his film, “” It’s all about people who cured themselves of cancer after their doctors were unable to help them.

Ian is a fearless, passionate, no-holds-barred kind of guy.
Like me, he’s a man on a mission to share life saving information. Needless to say, this was a really fun interview.

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Dr. Leonard Coldwell Interviews Ian Jacklin

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Ian Jacklin on Dr. Judy Seager’s – Cancer Answers TV

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New – My latest Video / Vlog


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New Supplements including what to do for Radiation and Cancer on top of the usual overall health products I use and endorse:

I’ve been reserching for a while to find out what can be done now that we have been soaking in radiation for over a year thanks to Japans disaster and I explain in this video what supplements and dietary changes need to be done to try and detox and keep us safe from it.

As I’ve mentioned before thanks to making the documentary and hanging around “Health Nuts” like Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams my knowledge in this area I feel is worth sharing.  Hope it helps and look for future vlogs on the subject.


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About the Film:
This is a documentary chronicling the life-and-death struggles of people with deadly diseases, and we hear first hand the ride these individuals had navigating these alternative courses.
It explains how the medical monopoly has intentionally prevented these cures from reaching the market or becoming widespread modern day knowledge.

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To Purchase Your Very Own Copy on DVD- Go to ICURECANCER.COM to Order Now!

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