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1st 2 icurecancer shows on ZenLive.TV – Rick Simpson and Cynthia Brooks


Cynthia Brooks is the reason I made and will be on today’s show explaining how she started this movement unwittingly with one littler whisper… “I just found out I cured myself of cancer”.


show w Rick Simpson.

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Survive and Live Well W4CS 4/02/2013 – Ian Jacklin II –The Film that Cures Fear About Cancer w / Elyn Jacobs.

Radio broadcast.

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Alternative cancer survivor – Chris Wark Interviews Ian Jacklin on holistic approachs and cancer truths.

Chris Wark: Here’s a new video interview I did with Ian Jacklin about his film, “” It’s all about people who cured themselves of cancer after their doctors were unable to help them.

Ian is a fearless, passionate, no-holds-barred kind of guy.
Like me, he’s a man on a mission to share life saving information. Needless to say, this was a really fun interview.

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Rick Simpson and Ian Jacklin on Exposing the Truth Radio.

Rick Simpson and Ian Jacklin re: Hemp Oil and on Exposing the Truth Radio.

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“I Cure Cancer” Ian Jacklin On His Holistic Healing Film

My name is Ian Jacklin and I’m a filmmaker. I am currently trying to finish, “I Cure Cancer Part 2″ (a working title), which is the sequel to the movie, “I Cure Cancer,” which is available at These films show how people are curing their supposedly incurable cancers by using holistic and Alternative Medicine. I’ve been told by many of my peers that I must also start blogging to get this information out immediately, rather than waiting until I have the final cut of the sequel, including going through the distribution process, etc.
So… here is my first blog.

Approximately 14 years ago, I was an actor living in Hollywood, CA, starring in the odd martial arts flick, or doing an episode of, “Just Shoot Me,” or working on the soap opera, “Days Of Our Lives...

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About the Film:
This is a documentary chronicling the life-and-death struggles of people with deadly diseases, and we hear first hand the ride these individuals had navigating these alternative courses.
It explains how the medical monopoly has intentionally prevented these cures from reaching the market or becoming widespread modern day knowledge.

Click Here to Rent or Download Your Copy Now at!

To Purchase Your Very Own Copy on DVD- Go to ICURECANCER.COM to Order Now!

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Formally known as IV-7 now called “Pure” Bio Science works better than Colloidal Silver!

Pure Bio Science formally known as IV-7: This is sold as a germ killing cleaning product cause it does do that too. And due to “mass murdering FDA” rules they can’t tell you what else it does. It’s basically like MMS (miracle mineral solution) and Colloidal Silver only better. Plus it does not taste bad and you don’t have to mix it.

Here is a video on it:  YouTube Preview Image

To order:  –  this not an mlm, it’s a factory that sells it.  The “Hard Surface” is clean as RO’d water my scientist friends tell me.  But the co. don’t want to supply a medical product.  Too much bull shit with FDA.  This is all spiritual info though that can’t be denied...

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When ingested as a supplement, a zeolite works at the cellular level to trap allergens, heavy metals and harmful toxins. In fact, because it is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, a zeolite acts as a magnet, drawing toxins to it, capturing them in its cage, and removing them safely and naturally from your body. This unique ability to remove dangerous toxins is so well documented; it was used by the Russian government to absorb radioactive chemicals and other harmful toxins after the Chernobyl disaster. For centuries, the powdered forms of specific zeolites have been used as traditional remedies throughout Asia to promote overall health and wellbeing.

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Magnesium Infusion

  Extensive studies revealed that magnesium supplements have little to no beneficial effect, and are proven to be harmful in many ways when ingested orally.

Based on these studies, we created a perfect solution that ensures the daily required magnesium, in it’s purest form, is being supplied to every cell in your body with ZERO side effects.

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Ocean’s Alive Phytoplankton

This is the stuff that is better than any fish oil for your EFA’s (essential fatty acid’s) as you skip the middle man or middle fish if you will. The fish eat the phytoplankton and we eat the fish for the phytoplankton. Well this is pure organic phytoplankton on it’s own. So throw out your EFA’s and use the best of the best!

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